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Ask Anna: how to prevent painful, cervix hitting intercourse & leg sex meme

Ask Anna: how to prevent painful, cervix hitting intercourse & leg sex meme

Ask Anna is a sex line. Some columns contain language some readers may find graphic because of the nature of the topic.

Dear Anna

Can there be any real way i will get my cervix to raise higher? My boyfriend keeps striking it also it’s beyond painful, despite my arousal. —Pain No Gain

I want to be that douche-canoe who answers your concern having a fable. It is about a kingdom where everybody else moved barefoot, perhaps the queen. 1 day the queen cut her foot for a stone that is sharp went bananas. She was asked by her advisers what could possibly be done to avoid this discomfort from taking place to her topics. One adviser proposed that the entire kingdom be covered in leather-based to stop further mishaps. The queen enjoyed this concept and start making intends to put the planet earth in leather-based, that has been likely to be expensive, challenging and time intensive. A jester pointed out that instead of covering the ground with leather, perhaps they could simply put leather on their feet as advisers scrambled to fulfill the queen’s request.

I inform you this maybe not since it’s sandal season and you also could probably make use of an innovative new set, but since you are making an effort to protect our planet with leather-based (by attempting to replace the location of the physiology) when a in an easier way option would be in front of you (changing positions/angles where you are penetrated, therefore enabling you to get a handle on the level therefore it doesn’t hurt).

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