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Bigamy dedicated by Muslim convert for contracting 2nd marriage

Bigamy dedicated by Muslim convert for contracting 2nd marriage

My relative partnered his first partner in Saudi Arabia at some point in 2001. During his escape, in identical year, the guy partnered another woman when you look at the Philippines. He’s started a Muslim change since 1995. The rites in marriages comprise according to the religions of his wives, that both non-Muslim. May he feel prosecuted for bigamy as a result of this?

The outcome of Atilano O. Nollora Jr. against. Folks of the Philippines (G.R. No. 191425, Sep 7, 2011) and post 349 from the Revised Penal rule plainly determine the current weather regarding the criminal activity of bigamy:

“1. The offender was legitimately partnered.

2. your wedding will not be lawfully dissolved or, whenever his or her spouse try missing, the missing wife cannot however become assumed dead in accordance with the Civil signal.

3. That he contracts an additional or following wedding.

4. That 2nd or following relationship has all the essential requisites for substance.”

In this situation , penned by connect Justice Antonio Carpio, the Muslim convert is adjudged guilty of the criminal activity of bigamy because:

“Article 13(2) on the rule of Muslim private Laws shows that [i]n circumstances of a married relationship between a Muslim and a non-Muslim, solemnized maybe not according to Muslim law or this signal, the [family members Code for the Philippines, or government Order 209, in lieu of the Civil laws of Philippines] shall incorporate.

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