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aceof pentacles as how somebody seems in regards to you.

aceof pentacles as how somebody seems in regards to you.

isthis good? lol

Versus 5 of swords how you are seen by them?

yes, excellent. There is a gate: beginnings; there are roses and lilies, purity and love.

I believe it is a tremendously card that is sensual. for me – really sensual and extremely feminine.

We agree with BE. this individual views you as a precious present of security, sensuality (and sexuality) while the resource of coming along in the right time and energy to appreciate these things. Pure joy and contentment.

[Yeah. no, we don’t take a liking to the Five of Swords for the reason that place. ]

isthis good? lol

versus 5 of swords the way they see you?

The Ace is news that is good. The 5 shows in my experience, at the very least, which they might perhaps think you are a bit combative, that perhaps you want to win spoken combat. Any feeling for the reason that five as to whether you are the victor or even the loser? (in other words., which figure have you been interested in when you see the card, if you should be utilizing a deck with numbers within the pips).

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