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Jann: Charlie Kerr on fulfilling Jann Arden, playing deep Cupid, and Nate and Jann’s connection

Jann: Charlie Kerr on fulfilling Jann Arden, playing deep Cupid, and Nate and Jann’s connection

Whenever Jann Arden came across Charlie Kerr at a supper party in Vancouver a year ago, she straight away wanted your playing Nate, younger sweetheart of this lady imaginary self, from the 3rd month of CTV’s Jann. But the pair almost performedn’t get across paths that evening.

Arden got staying at a cottage had by Kerrs parent on Bowen isle, B.C., and Kerrwho fronts alt-rock musical organization resort Mira possesses made an appearance on shows like iZombie, The Magicians and Supernaturalsays he had been stressed the iconic singer-songwriter would consider he was just another actor-musician … with ulterior objectives to collaborate along with her if the guy resulted in at a meal they’d both already been asked to. Very he initially decreased to visit. Overall, a friend certain him to go to the collecting, but the guy deliberately wore ratty clothing so it wouldn’t resemble he had been trying to inspire anyone.

Minimal performed Kerr see, Arden was already pleased with your

We seated down and [Jann] currently knew whom I became and going speaing frankly about songs, Kerr claims. I got a song that was successful regarding the broadcast at the time and then we had been variety of regarding both on that. Following the subject of the girl Television program emerged, and she going referring to this figure Nate, and I also think she also said [he ended up being] sorts of someone a little as if you, and I had been like, Well, I am an actor; Id like to audition.

Right after their unique experience, Arden began championing Kerr to try out Nate. As a result, the Vancouver local begun an intense fitness regime to evolve his appearance due to the fact, while he describes, the character is a star in an action tv program, and I experience the body of a 13-year older woman.

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