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Pearson and Reid Receive 2019 Norman L. Bowen Awards

Pearson and Reid Receive 2019 Norman L. Bowen Awards

Graham Pearson and Martha R. Reid acquired the 2019 Norman L. Bowen Award at AGU’s drop Meeting 2019, kept 9–13 December in san francisco bay area, Calif. The award acknowledges “outstanding efforts into the farmland of volcanology, geochemistry, and petrology.”

By AGU 19 weeks ago

Citation for Graham Pearson

Graham Pearson merits the 2019 Norman L. Bowen honor for adding to all of our basic familiarity with igneous steps from inside the upper mantle through studies of volcanic rocks, exhumed mantle segments, subcontinental mantle examples, and diamond jewelry in addition to their additions. Pearson possess handled the main subjects in mantle geochemical progress with a research instrument gear that range from petrography, mineralogy, and petrology through steady isotopes, radiogenic isotopes, siderophile elements, and spectroscopy. In making use of these tips, Pearson features looked latest diagnostic system changes that thrust the frontiers of logical sensitiveness and precision.

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