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The guys caught making love with acutely strange objects – from a bicycle to your pavement

The guys caught making love with acutely strange objects – from a bicycle to your pavement

The Sun decided to look back at other sticky situations blokes have got themselves in after a Malaysian boy got his todger stuck in a drainpipe

  • 24 Might 2019, 12:54
  • Updated: 24 Might 2019, 19:59
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THE horny Malaysian teenager who got their penis stuck in a sewage pipeline isn’t the very very first become caught together with his pants round his ankles in A really compromising place.

The 16-year-old lad had become freed by having a circular saw after romping with a waist-high bathroom pipeline at their house in Johor, Malaysia.

The youngster joins a long line of unfortunate fellas who came a cropper trying to get their kicks in peculiar ways after suffering swollen genitals and a bruised ego.

Therefore in honour of this randy young lad we have actually put together a listing of the most effective types of males being caught getting frisky with weird and crazy items.


The weirdo evidently slashed the bicycle’s tyres before masturbating as they deflated.

Police in Osterlund thought he might have also had links to string that is similar of dating back into 2007.

One bicycle owner, Per Edstrom, who caught the criminal activity on CCTV said: “i’m maybe not frightened of him, just irritated over all of the punctures we have actually had to fix.

“This guy is most likely entirely harmless – bicycles are only their thing. “


One randy motorist in Newcastle, Australia, ended up being nabbed by cops while he ended up being driving along the motorway together with his penis in a PASTA JAR.

Police into the Aussie town thought Keith Roy Weatherley, 46, possessed a gun inside the hand whenever they pulled him over but the reality ended up being more shocking. And disgusting.

The frisky fella ended up being discovered by having a 750mm pasta container around their penis and reportedly proceeded to masturbate while he re-fusilli-ed arrest.

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