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6 Explanations Why It Is A Hookup, Not A Relationship

6 Explanations Why It Is A Hookup, Not A Relationship

YourTango stocks a couple of explanations that are potential.

You have been spending time with this person for months, possibly also months. You are not yes exactly how he feels and you also have not had “the talk.” You might think you are prepared to get more — but he’s gotn’t brought it. Possibly he’s also steering clear of the subject totally.

In a tradition where relationship lines are blurred and much more folks are starting up than cuffin’ up, using the jump from casual to dedication can appear complicated.

To be honest, if a person desires to be he will do whatever it takes to have you with you. You can find reasons you have remained a hookup partner and never their girlfriend — here they truly are:

He had been passive in the approach, and also you enabled their behavior. Perhaps you started off as friends, or came across through shared buddies, which made you comfortable setting up straight away.

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