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Great Fest Review: SLUT IN A GREAT WAY Is A Charming, Thoughtful Coming-Of-Age Tale

Great Fest Review: SLUT IN A GREAT WAY Is A Charming, Thoughtful Coming-Of-Age Tale

Heteronormative sexual characteristics are crazy, people.

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perhaps this will be simply my perspective that is queer showing however the idea that you can find immutable, behavioral truisms which are commonly accepted to fall along sex lines is totally crazy, especially when it comes down into the indisputable fact that both virginity and sluthood are decried as unsatisfactory labels for ladies. If a lady is reluctant to own sex, she’s depicted as prudish or boring, but once a female enjoys sex way too much, she’s defined by her sex in way that ignores her personhood. Slut In A Good Way is just a movie that examines and breaks down that dynamic in a light, coming-of-age context, and it destigmatizes the notion of female sexual autonomy are fabulous while I found the film to be overall only mildly amusing, the ways in which.

Charlotte (Marguerite Bouchard) thinks she’s found the love of her life, simply to be damaged whenever her boyfriend arrives to her as homosexual. Heartbroken and never completely certain simple tips to get togetthe woman again her love for the kid whom could never ever find her appealing, she goofs down and gets drunk along with her buddies MГ©gane (Romaine Denis), an anarchist with a cynical viewpoint on relationships, and Aube (Rose Adam), who MГ©gane constantly ridicules to be a virgin. Their antics lead them in to a toy that is local, and upon discovering that numerous appealing guys work there, the three females submit an application for jobs with the expectation to getting set.

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