The 53 year old avid guitar player performed Christmas carols

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Cheap Swimsuits CNN Light Years recently spoke with him about his work. Below is an edited transcript.Sun explodes two massive solar flares to welcome 2013It turns out the Earth and Sun have something in common: They both celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks.Our closest star welcomed the new year with remarkable fireworks during a four hour flare eruption.The observatory is designed to monitor and record solar flares and other activities that involve the sun and the weather. The sun has an 11 year weather cycle, and astronomers expect the sun’s activity to reach its highest peak in 2013.Mars rover Curiosity spends holidays at House Curiosity rover, with its mast mounted cameras and laser, spent the holiday season studying Martian terrain at House, a nickname given to a region inside Yellowknife Bay, which is a half meter deep basin at the Gale Crater landing site.Scientists explored the new area of the Red Planet containing terrain that was not revealed in previous observations on Mars.Curiosity is focused on choosing a suitable rock it can drill to produce a powdery rock sample, which can be gathered for a drilling test in early 2013.Astronaut records 1st original song on space stationCanadian veteran astronaut Chris Hadfield, aboard the International Space Station, recorded his first original holiday music a couple of days before Christmas.The 53 year old avid guitar player performed Christmas carols with some of his crewmates, including NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko while living in orbit. Cheap Swimsuits

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